Big Wheel Brigade was* a product and custom software development shop with an eye on social good

* BWB Ceased Operations 12/31/2017

Our Work

We worked with Elevate and Obsessive to launch this expression platform where users show off their awesome by uploading photos, videos, songs, and writings. We built the application back-end, integrated Elevate’s designs, and supplied the API for the mobile app. View the site »

Our Clients

Pro Bono

Lending a helping hand.

When we can, we like to lend do-gooders a hand. If you're a non-profit, an artist, or a community organizer, we may be able to help. For free or at super-discount.

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About Big Wheel Brigade

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Big Wheel Brigade is a Silicon Prairie Company with Silicon Valley roots.

We provide software development services to agencies, entrepreneurs, businesses large and small, and non-profit organizations.

So if you need a competent, trustworthy partner to make your business idea a reality, to support you with your client work, to build an application for managing your business, or simply need to get a WordPress skin to fit, we want to hear about it.

Bring in the Big Wheel Brigade. We’ll provide the support you need, treat you with respect and courtesy, and deal with you honestly.

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Rahul Gupta

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    Rahul has nearly 20 years of professional web development experience (with a brief stint as an actor). He cut his teeth during the original dot-com boom, and lost his teeth in the dot-bomb.

    Rahul lived in Omaha, NE from 2004-2012, during which time he founded DispatchThis and Big Wheel Brigade. He and his family now live in sunny foggy San Francisco.

    An experience at Big Omaha in 2010 reignited his passion for social good, and directly led to the founding of Big Wheel Brigade.


Sumeet Jain

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    Sumeet got his start in web development at Intel, where he led development of several properties. He helped Intel transition to CSS, tableless layouts, and other “Web 2.0” techniques that (at the time) were not very widespread.

    After that he worked at various startups and design agencies in San Francisco. Most recently, he led a front-end development team at AKQA to build – an online emergency room.

    If he’s not coding, Sumeet is probably playing Chess, searching for the perfect glass of Bourbon, exploring the outdoors, or driving across the country.


Social Good

A word about Social Good

from Rahul and Sumeet

While it should be assumed that our business is built on principles of dealing honestly and fairly with our customers, doing quality work, and creating quality products, all of this emanates from the core of who and what we want to be as a business.

In all our work we intend to include an aspect of social good — be it through donations, bringing visibility to causes which matter to us, or by creating products which inherently facilitate a positive social impact.

As we build our company, we are working towards a set of goals that includes building a culture which cultivates happiness and self-fulfillment, aiming towards a carbon-neutral operation, and enriching the communities in which we work.

We take 10% of our revenue and stash it in our Social Good Fund. We use that fund to support causes, events and organizations that we believe in. Sometimes we aim locally, sometimes globally, but in either case we don’t just work hard for ourselves and our customers. We work hard to make sure that we’re making positive change in the world.

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