Heather Praiswater Joins the Brigade!

This post is a long time coming.

Last fall, we brought Heather Praiswater, a graduate of the second Omaha Code School cohort on board as a temporary full-time hire. This April, we were able to offer her a permanent position as a full-stack developer at Big Wheel Brigade and are so fortunate that she accepted.

Heather Praiswater

In the short time that she’s been a member of our team, she’s already been the lead developer on a CRM application for the Omaha Public Library, helped take the web presence for a $500M company over the finish line, and has started development on an internal project.

Though she’s a junior developer, her ability to complete assignments efficiently, utilize appropriate online resources to solve challenging development problems, and produce clean, readable code is remarkable. We could not be more proud of her work so far, and are so excited to watch her grow.

Hiring Heather marks 2 significant milestones for Big Wheel. It’s the first time we’ve hired one of our Omaha Code School grads, and she’s our first employee dedicated to programming full-time.

Heather has a veritable menagerie, from birds to horses, and plays a mean game of Risk Legacy.

You can follow Heather on Twitter and contact her at heather@

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