The Unofficial SecretPenguin Foundation

The design community in Omaha is phenomenal. Great talent abounds, risks are taken, and it’s fairly collaborative.

Another facet of the Omaha design community is its willingness to support non-profit organizations and an interest in doing good. We are delighted to be riding on the coattails of one of these companies: SecretPenguin, a youth branding and strategy company.

This month, they’re officially launching the Unofficial SecretPenguin Foundation. You can learn more about it on their website, but briefly: each month Secret Penguin is going to give money to people who’ve encountered some sort of life-roadblock.

We’re proud to say that we’ll be matching SecretPenguin’s gift for at least the next 6 months. There are other companies that are participating, so check out the Unofficial Foundation’s Facebook page, and make sure to give everyone a thank you for the good they’re doing.

Thanks, SecretPenguin, for leading the charge on this.

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